Aviation Lawyers Turkey

If you need an experienced lawyer in the aviation industry, aviation lawyers Turkey right place. We represent our clients professionally in court in cases and disputes arising from aviation law and collective bargaining agreements.

Our lawyers who have a good command of aviation legislation; provides services in air transport, cargo companies, passenger compensation claims, disputes insurance and many more. Kartal Law Firm have the ones created specifically for your needs on the specialized team of aviation and aerospace Turkey on aviation lawyers Turkey can consult our centric team.

Aviation Lawyers Turkey


Aviation lawyers Turkey that can come with the service we provide to the aviation sector in Turkey we provide consultancy services for all kinds of cases. Born in Turkey in the spaces excluded from the aviation law, labor law, litigation support from a professional lawyer will be progressing extremely effective. Knowing about the airline, this gap should be filled by legal, competent lawyers.

Airline Employees who are Affiliated with the Union and Not Affiliated The
course of legal procedures differs depending on whether they are subject to union organization in the airline companies. Because;Those who are subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement can benefit from the protection provided by the Labor Law. In our law office, which offers expert and professional services for the airline employees who do not have union memberships, a full-time defense should be provided against employee victimization, mobbing and other mobbing policies.

Aviation Lawyers Turkey

Legal Protection of Airline Employees
Considering defending the rights of employees against the employer who benefited from gaps in legislation and to help employees obtain results in favor of Aviation lawyers Turkey attorneys in our law office, located in the legislation of airline employees are working for the protection of all rights. Among the services we offer, we carry out procedures such as filing a lawsuit in cases of termination not based on just cause, from the preparation of the termination notice to the employee during the termination of the employment contract for just cause.

We Protect the Right of Airline Employees
We effectively monitor and conclude all processes related to aviation law, from filing a lawsuit for receivables, to re-employment, in our law firm, which fully advocates the rights of airline employees at a legal level. Within the scope of the services we offer, there are many topics ranging from operations such as criminal cases or compensation cases arising from work accidents or occupational diseases to consultancy services in terms of protecting the rights of employees in the aviation industry.

Aviation lawyers Turkey is at your side in aviation-related matters. Lawsuits arising from damages to third parties fall within the scope of aviation. The occurrence of these cases on earth is within the scope. In addition, lawsuits arising from liability law and hijacking actions are among the issues dealt with in this process. aviation lawyers Turkey offices where you can get attorney services; It is at your side in matters such as lawsuits arising from competition law, criminal lawsuits arising from liability law and air accidents, compensation lawsuits arising from air transport contracts. You can ensure that your legal transactions are smooth by getting consultancy or attorney services from law offices.

Get Legal Support with Aviation Lawyers Turkey
In this process, where you can get support on many different issues related to aviation law, you can also get support for lawsuits arising from aviation labor law, property and pledge rights on aircraft. In this process, where you can also receive consultancy services, you can get your transactions end-to-end, by phone, in the office. Aviation lawyers Turkey services, which are also offered in a wide range, are provided during working hours. In this way, thanks to end-to-end solutions, you will be able to carry out your legal transactions and consultancy without any hassle. Law offices, where you can get support in matters such as inspection of passenger tickets, freight bills, inspection or arrangement of transport coupons, are also responsible for the arrangement of contracts related to ground handling.