Aviation Law


  • Provide advice on regulatory, operational and commercial issues from a legal point of view
  • Advise on employment issues, both for flight and ground crew
  • Provide legal advice and support in accidents, incidents and other types of distress
  • Give advice and represent owners and lessees on aircraft financing and leasing transactions
  • Assist and advice in registrations, deregistrations, mortgages, leases and similar matters in the aircraft registry
  • Advise on aviation industry contracts such as with MROs, ground handlers, airport and air navigation services providers
  • Advise and assist on setting up of operations bases, AOCs, setting up of local entities
  • Advise and assist in preparation and execution of charters, wet and dry leasing agreements

aviation law


We are a company providing aviation law services to aviation sector. We are always on your side with our expert aviation lawyer personnel in the field of airway accident, passenger and cargo loss and damage, insurance companies, aircraft financing, mortgage, collateralization and all kinds of legal questions that arise in air transportation.
 Aviation Lawyers in Dispute Resolution 
Our company offers service with dispute resolution lawyers in dozens of categories from aircraft sales and leasing to foreclosures, from disputes with fuel companies to rental and service contracts. You can contact us for employment law aviation, which is a little known service in our country, and you can benefit from high quality and reliable legal services of our lawyers who produce professional solutions in disputes.
 Professional Aviation Lawyers
 Air Labor Law Cases
 Aircraft ownership and pledge rights
 Air transport contracts
 Air accidents and criminal cases
 Aircraft crash and insurance cases
 Lawsuits arising from the action and responsibility of airplane hijacking
 Our company provides service with experienced aviation lawyers in many fields such as lawsuits arising from aviation competition law, is a corporate company that responds to sectoral needs in the fastest and highest quality way.