Aviation Law


  • Provide advice on regulatory, operational and commercial issues from a legal point of view
  • Advise on employment issues, both for flight and ground crew
  • Provide legal advice and support in accidents, incidents and other types of distress
  • Give advice and represent owners and lessees on aircraft financing and leasing transactions
  • Assist and advice in registrations, deregistrations, mortgages, leases and similar matters in the aircraft registry
  • Advise on aviation industry contracts such as with MROs, ground handlers, airport and air navigation services providers
  • Advise and assist on setting up of operations bases, AOCs, setting up of local entities
  • Advise and assist in preparation and execution of charters, wet and dry leasing agreements

aviation law


We are a company providing aviation law services to aviation sector. We are always on your side with our expert aviation lawyer personnel in the field of airway accident, passenger and cargo loss and damage, insurance companies, aircraft financing, mortgage, collateralization and all kinds of legal questions that arise in air transportation.
 Aviation Lawyers in Dispute Resolution 
Our company offers service with dispute resolution lawyers in dozens of categories from aircraft sales and leasing to foreclosures, from disputes with fuel companies to rental and service contracts. You can contact us for employment law aviation, which is a little known service in our country, and you can benefit from high quality and reliable legal services of our lawyers who produce professional solutions in disputes.
 Professional Aviation Lawyers
 Air Labor Law Cases
 Aircraft ownership and pledge rights
 Air transport contracts
 Air accidents and criminal cases
 Aircraft crash and insurance cases
 Lawsuits arising from the action and responsibility of airplane hijacking
 Our company provides service with experienced aviation lawyers in many fields such as lawsuits arising from aviation competition law, is a corporate company that responds to sectoral needs in the fastest and highest quality way.

Our law firm, which supports its clients in all areas related to aviation, from domestic and foreign airline companies to aviation service providers, from component manufacturers to aviation professional chambers , also represents companies such as charter companies, regulatory bodies, and aircraft charter companies.

Everything Within the Scope of Aviation Law
We provide consultancy services in many areas of aviation law in our law office where specialist lawyers are employed to meet the sectoral needs of their clients . Mergers and acquisitions transactions, joint ventures, aircraft and equipment rental, antitsörtand areas such as conflict resolution. We secure our clients with risk relief contracts in many areas from aircraft and jet fuel distribution to sales.

Aviation Law

Consultancy Service from Professional Lawyers
Within the scope of aviation law, where we offer consultancy services, we also offer our support in providing information needed in the establishment phase of general sales agencies and preparing necessary documents. Our law firm, which provides the necessary support for the completion of the obligatory applications, has a sufficient knowledge and experience on all subjects covered by aviation law.With the consultancy services you will receive from professional lawyers, you can perform your transactions much more quickly and smoothly and you will not waste time and cost.

Aircraft Mortgage and Financing Transactions We are
With our clients who apply for aviation agency at every stage from correspondence with official institutions to approval process. We offer legal services on airlines, balloon businesses, cargo and tourism agencies, ground handling services and other aviation issues. Our law office, which provides detailed services in all areas of aviation law, provides professional support in many areas from aircraft collateralization and financing to aircraft mortgage transactions in domestic and international transactions.

We are always with you with our knowledge in the sector. We provide support on aviation law from many different areas such as ground handling, flight attendants, pilot flight instructors, cargo and tourism agencies, flight attendant training services. As one of the most distinguished law firms in the industry, we always stand by our clients. With the consultancy services we offer, we have supported many issues such as aircraft and jet fuel distributions, litigation and dispute resolution, drafting of international contracts. You can also choose us to apply for aviation law and get the necessary approvals. Our law firm that provides support in the field from the establishment of airline companies to obtaining flight permits; He is an expert in aircraft registration procedures, aircraft financing, private contracts.

aviation law

Closely Following the European Union Legislations
Our law firm, which closely follows the European Union legislation, also offers consultancy services to the EU commission and the EU Council. Our law firm, which deals with foreign applications, foreign applications and receivables of individuals, ensures that the processes and services work in your favor. Our team, which is about international regulations, follows the legal support process for legal licenses on your behalf. In order to face great difficulties in the future, you should look for legal problems that arise today about narrow capital markets, costs, airports and ongoing companies.

Support in Regulatory and Controversial Matters
Our law firm providing training support, the right to use its experience in the sector for the benefit of its attorneys. Our law firm, which has extensive experience in aviation cases, is not only in aviation law; automobile services and aviation executive also offer their support. You can contact us to get service from our law firm that supports transactions such as sales and use tax, child lawsuits for aircraft, aircraft registration, financing and loan securitization, aircraft.

Aviation law allows you to receive a wide range of services. You can benefit from law offices to the maximum extent by getting consultancy services. Law offices that support the supervision and implementation of foreign personnel employment and liability law can provide support in the supervision of relations that occur as a result of legal statements submitted by organizations such as the International Aviation Organization, the Union of European Civil Aviation Authorities. Aviation law firms, which provide representation services before the said organizations, also provide inspection and implementation services in all matters related to design compliance in processes such as aircraft parts and production. When you need such services, you can search through online platforms and perform your transactions effortlessly.

Everything Covered by Aviation Law
In aviation law offices, where you can also get support in the inspection and regulation of aircraft supply contracts, auditing and issuing of offset contracts are also carried out. The law offices that you can choose for international ground and flight security regulations allow you to reach the most accurate results in the supervision of cooperation and competition regulations in air transport. These companies, which provide consultancy services on the rights of air workers, are experts in aviation employment law practices. You can also choose aviation lawyers for the issues you need. Moreover, you do not need to reach any destination to get these services. You can complete all of these processes wherever you want, whenever you want, with end-to-end solutions.

Aviation lawyers offer their support on many issues that fall within the scope of aviation law. Aviation lawyers, where you can find support in matters related to airspace and benefiting from airspace, ensures that transactions are carried out in accordance with the aviation rules regulated in accordance with the Chicago Convention. Lawyers, who enable you to obtain your legal rights in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Convention, are the experts you can get support for inspecting and arranging the aircraft supply contract. You can choose end-to-end solutions to benefit from lawyers that you can get support on issues such as foreign personnel employment and supervision of liability law, regulation and supervision of offset contracts, commercial consultancy to air transport companies.

What Services Does Aviation Lawyers Provide?
You can get the legal consultancy service you need on issues such as air personnel contracts, aircraft financing and collateral transactions, airport duty-free and customs-cleared operations, sub-operation, lease service agreements, from wherever you are and at any time. The lawyers, who you can get support for inspecting airship and air transport insurances, are at your side in all matters related to the airline, such as competition law cases, liability cases against third parties on earth. Aviation lawyers, which fully meets your expectations in terms of passenger compensation claims and disputes, ensures that aviation legislation, cargo companies and other individuals, institutions and organizations operating in the field of air transportation also buy their rights in the best way. You can also choose lawyers who are experts in their fields to benefit from these services.